The Pacific Lighting Systems Controls Department is your one stop shop for anything you may need in the world of lighting controls.  We can assist you in energy code interpretations, system design, system quotations, project management, shop drawings, system energization, programming, and end user training.  If you have a problem, we have a solution, and are here to help.


System Design and Device Layout Services – PLS can assist you in creating product based riser diagrams, in CAD and PDF, for your specific project, inclusive of panel schedules where appropriate.  We also offer CAD layout service for daylighting and occupancy sensing devices.  In addition, we are happy to help you create performance based sequence of operation documents and functionality checklists for your projects.

In House Field Service Technicians – From Pre-Installation jobsite walkthroughs and meetings with the installing contractors, to low voltage terminations of control system components, to final system start-up, PLS will be with you to make sure you job goes smoothly from beginning to end.  Additionally, we can assist with system programming as well as perform end user trainings.  We can also offer existing facilities the opportunity for service contracts to make sure the lighting control system supplied by a PLS manufacturer is healthy year after year.


Eden Van Ballegooijen – Controls Department Manager

206-579-4674 | Email

Venessa Rad – Inside Controls Specialist

206-436-8828 | Email

Jessica DeMarr – Inside Controls Specialist

206-436-8816 | Email

Cameron Minaglia – Controls Applications

206-436-8853 | Email

Brad Luther – Controls Specialist/Field Service Technician

206-718-8083 | Email

James Shield – Controls Service Technician

206-436-8800 | Email

Mike Daily – Controls Service Technician

206-436-8898 | Email

Dan Shannon – Controls Specialist

206-436-8890 | Email



ETC – Global Entertainment and Architectural lighting & controls

LC&D LIGHTING CONTROLS – Digital lighting control systems

ROAM – Wireless smart controls for Exterior lighting

SENSOR SWITCH – Energy Management & Controls

SYNERGY LIGHTING CONTROLS – Whole building control solutions

TRAXON – High performance LED fixtures & controls

SYNAPSE – Wireless Lighting Control and Services

DOUGLAS LIGHTING CONTROL – Low Voltage Lighting Controls. Line Voltage Motion sensors and Ballasts


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